Antivirus Scan for Amazon S3 bucket with demo!!

Validating objects on Events (Create)
  • Event — scan new/modified objects
  • Retro — scan existing objects
  • API — scan objects inside or outside of AWS via a REST-based API before they are written to Amazon S3
  • Amazon S3 Proxy — scan objects on intake before they are written or on access when they are retrieved by leveraging the Amazon S3 APIs you are already using (PUT, POST, GET)
  1. ECS Fargate Cluster with 1 Service and Task
    (This is used to run the Antivirus for Amazon S3 Management Console)
  2. DynamoDB; AppConfig
    (This is used to save data for the software)
  3. IAM Roles and Policies
  4. Cognito UserPool
    (Used for user management)
  5. SNS Topic and CloudWatch Log Groups → Streams
    (These are used for logging and notification purposes)
  6. Load Balancer (optional)
  1. Virtual Private Cloud ID
  2. Subnet A ID
  3. Subnet B ID (Both A & B ID should be different else error will be thrown)
  4. Console Security Group CIDR Block to access the Antivirus for Amazon S3 Management Console from anywhere.
  5. Email ID



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Teepika R M

Teepika R M

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty| Linux Certified Kubernetes Application Developer| Hortonworks Certified Spark Developer|Hortonworks Certified Hadoop Developer